Fort Collins Conservation District

Ron Neher

It’s not broke, - why fix it

By: Ron Neher, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Retired

We constantly see or encounter a situation where a new idea, tool, procedure, function, or otherwise gadget is put into play without our asking. We have been doing something the same way for years, it has seemed to be working fine, why change it now. Leave it alone, don’t get involved, and mind your own business. Anyway that seems to be the common cry of the general public when things change.

Change has been going on forever, - in fact you can go back farther than that. It’s obvious the current standard of living we have today, unless you live in a cave, is better than early colonial times. This all came along due to change, with nobody really asking you (again), if you would like this new invention called lumber and nails to build a house. Some cave dwellers accepted the home improvement center approach and others continued with their old ways. Personalities among man have not changed much since. Whether we work in an office as part of a staff, work alone, or just go day to day about in our own personal business, change is on the way, - just wait for it.

Clerical work has changed from early writing on rocks with charcoal, to parchment with ink from plants, to paper, to the printing press, the typewriter, to pencils, fountain pens, ball point pens, the ditto machine, microfilm, .…. and now the computer with its entire world of adjustment. Some of us, due to our ages, have seen more changes than others. Some welcome these alterations and some detest them, - and the way man has acted throughout time, change will continue to meet various levels of offense while we are still getting used to the last modification.

Communication has really changed. From the early beginning it was basically just word of mouth, - think about it. Local calls were normal talking and long distance was yelling. Then came primitive writings and later transporting of written information so others could learn, - that is if they could read. Then who knows what else, - the carrier pigeon, Pony Express, the railroad, Western Union, Morris code, teletype, - and now the telephone, which has evolved with so many bells and whistles and options that they aren’t called telephones anymore, - they’re “devices.” What’s next?

The main ingredient in history is change. If it wasn’t for change, we could still be waiting on the caveman’s patent on the first wheel, - or whoever the guy was that came up with such an idea, - and still be stuck in a rut. If there is an inventor living next to you, I seriously doubt he will come next door and ask your permission to change your life. He will wait like everyone else has done and surprise you. What you have today is broke, - whether you like it or not, - and someone is going to fix it. Just get ready, - and like before, no one is going to ask your permission. Some changes are still coming which have been promised such as the paper reduction act, - which is welcomed anytime. And then there are political changes which have been welcomed since there were dictatorships. Lighten up, - more change is on the way. Some parts of it are good, some are bad, and you probably won’t get your way, - again.