Fort Collins Conservation District

Ron Neher

Hindsight, - try it with glasses next time

By: Ron Neher, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Retired

Our lives, - no matter how old you may be, - are all developed and set dependent on the decisions we have made thus far in life. I know this is not the most profound statement you have read, but it is a true fact with little room for contrary discussion. Some people say hindsight is 20/20 vision; however, I have noticed some people, even if they had hindsight, might have still needed glasses, - myself included.

During my career with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, - and before that with the Soil Conservation Service, - I visited with farmers and ranchers and often times their agriculture operations come into a topic of discussion. With many farms and ranches evolving over the years, - was too much of a bite taken way back when, or did they put too much on their plate when they thought they could eat it all. These questions to ponder are often times too late to solve.

These same issues can come into play with other occupations and vocations one decides to involve themselves. Purchases, involvement in business enterprises, college career choices, - the list goes on with past decisions made and all carrying with them a future full of good and bad fruit.

Decisions in life and choices we have made have shaped us into what, who, and where we are today. There are many things in life which cannot be bought, - and one item in particular gets more desirous as one gets older, - hindsight.

The youth, with their entire life ahead of them seem (oftentimes) to live day to day without regard of what tomorrow will bring. I know that isn’t totally true but seems to be the case with the younger generation. I suppose I was that way as well, with it hard to believe the fact that the year 2000 would actually get here when it was so far in the future.

So as life has passed on, all of us have collected decisions which basically have made us what we are today. Some are rich, others wish they were richer, and others have their phone number on their bankers speed dial. Some are physically out of shape and others have taken care of themselves. Some have that career they have planned their life for and others have bounced around working pay check to pay check trying to find that vocation they have dreamed of to fulfill their contented future. Does any of this sound familiar?

Being somewhat of a prophet, - or at least you think you are, - and making better choices is the goal and foresight of most “smart” people. I think we all wish we had at least something to do again with a chance to remake a decision, - that obviously not being an option. We look back and wish for another chance at a decision. We really want to pick and choose (again) of what we decided on long ago, - when in reality we are (probably) stuck with what we have today. You usually cannot re-get that one attribute which you passed on and now wish you had.

What if … ? You will probably never know.