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Ron Neher

Ron Neher is a retired Resource Conservationist from the Natural Resources Conservation Service. He has kindly agreed to share some of his knowledge, articles, stories and conservation puzzles here on our website. You can contact Ron through our office.


Ron was born in Oregon City, Northern California, a ghost town, where his parents had homesteaded on a small ranch in the early 1940s. One of seven kids, the entire family lived in the portion of the barn along with everything else, - things were different back then. Dad later built a modest house which made Mom happy.

He attended a one-room school in another nearby ghost town, Cherokee, where he graduated from the eighth grade in 1962 with five students in the entire school.

After high school, Ron joined the U.S. Navy where he served two tours of duty in Vietnam, - one onboard ship and one on shore in Da Nang. He is married to his wife Lila who also served with him in the Navy. They have three adopted children all from the Philippine Islands.

Ron has two bachelor degrees, - one in natural resources management and one in education. He briefly was involved in elementary and high school education prior to his hiring with the Soil Conservation Service in 1984. He has worked in several field offices in Colorado. He retired from the Natural Resources Conservation Service in June, 2013 while assigned to the Fort Morgan field office.


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