Fort Collins Conservation District

Bindweed Mites

The Conservation District is currently unable to offer the mites due to supply issues. Please order directly from the Palisade Insectary at:
(970) 464-7916
(866) 324-2963 [toll-free]

Bindweed Biocontrol

The bindweed mites have been thoroughly tested by the USDA and will not affect any other species.

•︎ Additional information •

  • For information on the use of mites in controlling bindweed, please see the Palisade Insectary’s bindweed brochure (PDF).
  • For information on the biological control of weeds in general, please see the Palisade Insectary’s general brochure (PDF).

Cost of Mites

Bindweed mites will be available for $50 per batch. These batches will be larger than previously distributed, and we will continue the personal delivery with a field technician providing instruction on best installation methods for the mites.